The birth date calculator is used to reduce the birth date of an individual down to a primary number so that the vibration of that person can be learned. The following figure is used to assign the correct number to the birth date.

Birth Date Calculator

Here is a breakdown of a random birth date of November 16,1958

The year is broken down to the number 23 which 2+3 = 5
The month of November breaks down to 11 which 1=1 = 2
The date of 16 breaks down to 1=6 =7

You must then add 5+2+7 = 14 which reduces down to 1=4 = 5
The Numerology Life Path number of this person would be 5 . The Numerology Number 5 can be further analyzed to see that this person This number symbolizes adventure. Anyone with this number attains their ultimate through travel and experience. The lack of stability may produce uncertainty but this number is the keystone of the group so it is the luckiest and most unpredictable of all the numbers.

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