As a birth number, 8 means business. It is a token of the steady builder, who can go far in this age of vast commercial and industrial development. It symbolizes persons who put plans into execution, complete them, and then go on to something still bigger.

This vibration shows a person with a strong, forceful nature, who will demand and get the most from others. Opposition does not stop them; he urges them on to greater effort. Persons with this birth number have embarked upon great military and political careers, because executive ability is needed in those fields as much as in the business world.

In social life, persons with this vibration are apt to judge friends by wealth and success, setting those as their standards. The more costly a thing may be, the more they admired it. In their quest for wealth and power they may be ruthless with rivals and subordinates; but at the same time, they often carry other persons along with them. So it is extremely wise to get on the good side of a number eight-if you can find!

As a name or number, 8 spells success with dollars. It drives some progress activity. People subconsciously expect the results from a person whose name is tuned to this powerful vibration. Persons with this name number should constantly build for bigger things, but always with good materials. When they have achieved an aim, they should continue on to another, for with them, easing up may mean slipping back. Often, they can pick up old when the collective enterprises and turn them to advantage and profit, but they should first make sure that the opportunity is there.

The weakness with this name number lies in petty jealousies, wasted efforts, indulgence in small things, when large opportunities are available. Think big, act big and you will be big, if you have name number 8.

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