As a birth number, 7 denotes a scholarly, poetic nature, often inclined toward the fanciful, though persons with this birth vibration or analytical as well. Intuition is a strong part of their nature and many such persons or highly imaginative. They are naturally fond of the mysterious and as a result may become Moody and depressed.

Solitude often inspires these people, but of obscurity disheartens them, where they are apt to blame the world, rather than themselves, for their failure to gain prominence. This draws him into deeper despondency, to the point where they may refuse to mingle in the ordinary affairs of life. Though capable of solving intricate problem, they seldom really understand themselves.
Composers, musicians, students, philosophers, and outright mystics are nurtured by this birth number; and often they seek solace in such pursuits. But to be really happy, a number 7 person must become a part of this world, rather than seeking to be completely out of it.

As a name and number,7 has grand possibilities. A person with that name vibration can bend his natural talents to art, science and philosophy, often attaining greatness in a chosen field. They may rise to dramatic heights, but should remember that their success will depend upon quiet planning and may often require deep meditation.

Gloomy thoughts, impractical dreaming, or a weakness of this name vibration. Therefore, such persons should devote effort to purposes that are possible of attainment, for their they can often go beyond all normal expectation, turning their intuition and imagination to great advantage.
Persons with this name number can become leaders and teachers of high order, or they possess deep understanding of others and therefore inspire loyalty. They will need the help of such persons to gain commercial success or financial independence, for these are not found in the vibration of number 7.

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