As a birth number, 2 reveals a kindly, tactful nature, yet one given to gloom as well as happy moods. This is due to a desire for balance, inherent in this vibration. Persons with 2 as a birth number often recognize both sides of a question to such a degree that they shift back and forth, never reaching a true or satisfactory decision.

This drives them to extremes, in the false hope of equalizing matters. Consequently, they exaggerate things, and argue against themselves. The very sense of judgment that enables them and to give good advice to friends prevents them from making up their own minds regarding their own affairs. Sometimes they may do better to be wrong than right, if only for the satisfaction of coming to a quick decision.

Persons with birth number 2 should accept conditions as they are and try to adjust themselves to such conditions, rather than attempt to shape those conditions to their own desire. They should avoid extremes and any indecision. Their great fault is over generosity. They should give the same thoughts to themselves as they do to others.

As a name number, 2 reflects a quiet power of judgment. It marks a person as a good planner, or advisor, but without the power to execute. Anyone with this name vibration should seek associates that can carry out plans in a proper, helpful way. The judgment represented by name number 2 should be used in choosing such associates. Never should the choice be governed by sentiment. Indulgence toward others is the fault of number two.

This name number is a changeable this position they can become emotional and restless to the point of complete uncertainty or outright fanaticism. The best advice for persons with name number two is to avoid all worry over small matters or minor actions. They should make the most of their agreeable, friendly qualifications and never indulge in argument.
With the right friends and Associates, they will go far. Otherwise, their spirit of fair play will shift to the opposite extreme of spite, bringing misery to themselves as well as others.

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