As a birth number, numerology 1 shows a driving, strong willed nature that must be centered on a positive goal. People of this type dislike complexities and should avoid them; otherwise their efforts will be scattered and their path strewn with pitfalls. This number is a good one, but it must be pointed in the right direction, or it may soar high but may fall low, meeting with ultimate disaster.
Once having set a right course, a person with birth number , numerology 1 should follow it, even if lesser aims and possible ambitions must be sacrificed. They should never change course or try to jump too far ahead as persons with this vibration can rise to new and greater attainments only in a direct progressive fashion.
Since numerology number 1 is the symbol of ego, such persons can become both selfish and self willed. So they should be careful not to let their own interest’s conflict with those of others, or they will lose friends and make enemies instead. Forceful and untiring, numerology number 1 as a birth number promises much, if well controlled and directed into channels that offer high development.
As a name number, 1 denotes a person filled with vigor and desire for action, but more suited to meeting immediate situations than planning far ahead. Such persons should give full time to any work or activity, avoiding anything of a speculative nature. Even lending their names to long range projects is a mistake, as persons of the number 1 type are generally the ones to be called upon to deliver; and the first to be blamed and when they can’t, even though someone else may be at fault. Persons with number 1 should take the best opportunity that offers and stick to it, in the confidence that they will open the path to bigger things through that very policy. Courage and self reliance go with name number 1, but it signifies a nature that is more imitative than creative. These people often make money, but are apt to spend it just as freely. They should avoid making hasty decisions under the urge or excitement of the moment.

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