Numerology is a science of how to break down names, birth dates and other significant dates. All of these items are reduced down to a primary number. Most people already use numerology to some extent or another. For instance people will use loved ones birthdates to pick lottery numbers or they will use them to choose passwords.

The world’s great religions also use numbers that contain secret meanings that are believed to hold the secrets to the universe. Pythagoras and his followers developed a numerological system that is still used in practice today. Numerology today is very often considered to be associated with the occult alongside tarot reading and astrology. Scientists cannot explain why, but numerology can be very accurate.

After your numbers are reduced there are certain vibrations that each number has. The basics of these numerology numbers are:
• Numerology Number 1 – Aggression
• Numerology Number 2 – Balance
• Numerology Number 3 – Expression
• Numerology Number 4 – Steadiness
• Numerology Number 5 – Adventure
• Numerology Number 6 – Dependability
• Numerology Number 7- Mystery
• Numerology Number 8 – Success
• Numerology Number 9 – Power

How to Analyze the Vital Factors in the Numerology Numbers

There are a variety of methods used to analyze individual traits but the following methods are one of the simplest:
The birth number is first considered as representing the person’s natural characteristics. It is formed from the figures of the birth date and the number of personality.
The name number is taken next, to indicate developed traits. In the early stage of life the full birth name is used. Later in life the name actually used can be analyzed to bring further meaning. This is the number of development.

If the birth name is continued to be used throughout life its importance increases. If a different name is used such as a nickname or pen name that is the name that takes significance. This is known as the number of attainment.

Once the predominant number is found there is added data that can be applied to the number giving more information. One of these additional numbers is the vowel vibration which is obtained by adding the numerical value of the vowels in one’s name. This will become the number of “underlying influence”

There is also a frequency number that is only applied when a number recurs very often in a name and predominates strongly over the others. This is the number of “added Influence”.

These are the basics to learning Numerology and practicing on how to use the numbers gets easier with practice. There are many books on how to Learn Numerology that will speed up your skill.

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