Simply said numerology is the study of symbols and numbers. You can use numerology to determine someone’s personality, strengths and talents and direction in life. Numerology does not determine exactly what you should do in your life but it does provide an interesting look at why you are who you are.

When you determine your Life Path it is very enlightening to see how accurate numerology can be. Numerology opens up your core values to the light of day and shows you why you have been on the path that you are currently following. When you combine your Life Path number with your Expression Number and your Soul Urge Number you will gain insights as to why you are who you are and why you lean towards certain choices.

History of Numerology

This science can be traced back to Egypt and Babylonia, over 10,000 years. It is based on the theories of Pythagoras as attributed in this statement “The World is built on the power of numbers”. Pythagoras and his followers reduced the universal numbers to the figures 1-9 as the primary numbers from which all others may be formed.

Everything in the universe operates with a unique frequency. When you find the vibration of any object you can then associate the energies and the qualities associated with it. When you apply the principles of numerology you are determining the frequencies associated with a person. This is done by using your name and birth date. When using a numerology name calculator these frequencies are easily determined and then an analysis can be built.

The best way to experience the power of numerology is to see some samples of famous people in our history. There accomplishments are well noted as are there strengths and weaknesses.

HENRY FORD Born July 30, 1863

Birth Number: Total 28 = 10 = 1

Total = 59 = 14 = 5
Vowels: 18 + 9

The birth numerology number 1 shows the single, definite purpose in his career. He gained mechanical knowledge and learned to apply it in a practical way. At the age of 40 he saw the public need for a low priced automobile and proceeded to fill that need in a direct, productive fashion. He kept to this one purpose which won him a fortune.
The name number 5 shows his willingness to speculate along new and radical lines.
The vowel vibration(Soul Urge) shows the underlying influence that promised his success. This represents high achievement and confidence in the final result.

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